Specific products

In addition to our main activity and to meet our customers’ expectations, we are able to examine your particular specifications to develop new systems and improve your existing processes.

Turnkey laboratories

Our projects are carried out in accordance with the rules and specifications used by the largest engineering companies and in line with our quality procedures.
In order to do so, we select the best suited analysers and equipment in accordance with the ASTM methods or in line with the customer’s methods and particular specifications.
We take care of the procurement, tests and inspections required as well as handling the documents, packaging and specific markings.

We systematically propose our assistance for the installation and start-up of the equipment and we provide the after-sales service.

On-line analyser of mercaptan and acidity in kerosene, Secan RSH/TAN

The SECAN RSH / TAN is a patented 2-channel analyser developed by Secauto. It makes it possible to continuously measure the efficiency of your kerosene treatment by performing an on-line analysis of the mercaptan content and the acidity value.

Placed at the heart of your process, it allows you to directly control the parameters of your treatment unit and to anticipate the variations due to load changes.

Find out more about all the capability of the SECAN RSH/TAN (French Version)

Skid for stabilizing and recovering gaseous effluents

Using our expertise, we have developed a system for recovering gas from vents which is fully autonomous and able to operate in an Atex zone. Our system allows us to adapt to your situation, both in terms of space and the number of devices connected to the recovery system.

See the data sheet on our gaseous effluents recovery device.

Bays for measuring atmospheric emissions

In order to ensure that your facilities operate smoothly, Secauto incorporates and installs sampling systems (CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, HCI, HF, H2O, O2, COV, NH3) and analysers according to your specific requirements.

Read the description of our bays for measuring atmospheric emissions (French version)

Colorimetric chlorine measurement

Secauto offers you an innovative system to check the quality of your water. Operating equally reliably in the field of drinking water, industrial waste water or swimming pools, our free and total chlorine analyser can perform up to 8 measurements simultaneously:

  • Free chlorine by colorimetry
  • Total chlorine by colorimetry
  • Redox (ORP)
  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Flowrate

Our device can be adapted to operate in explosion hazard areas (ATEX environment).

Discover our water quality analyser (French version)

AIRGARD, continuous ambient air monitoring 

Through our long-standing partnership with the company MKS in field of emissions measurements, Secauto proposes AIRGARD, a highly sensitive analyser based on Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR).

This analyser dedicated to monitoring the quality of ambient air makes it possible to continuously monitor the presence of chemical warfare agents (CWA / NBC) and toxic industrial chemicals.

Its strengths are as follows: very low content detection (ppb), rapid response time (under 20 seconds), a low false alert rate, highly reliable and autonomous operation.

Download our datasheet (French version)