Industrial analysis systems

Water quality measurements

We offer turnkey analysis systems making it possible to continuously measure and monitor water quality. Our robust and reliable equipment will adapt to your conditions of service. We can assist you throughout your project and support you when it comes to the maintenance of your facility.

Our expertise

  • Carrying out the whole analysis design and study, including the definition of the sampling
  • Supplying the equipment
  • Integration into a cabinet or shelter, including for explosion hazard area
  • Installation / installation supervision on site
  • Putting all the analysers and associated equipment into operation
  • Maintenance, monitoring and supplying spare parts and consumables

We distribute a multi-parameter analyser to determine dissolved chlorine. It provides the following measurements:

  • Free chlorine (0-10 ppm / by colorimetry, 0-10 ppm and 5-200 ppm by amperometry)
  • Total chlorine (0-10 ppm / by colorimetry, 0-10 ppm and 5-200 ppm by amperometry)
  • Redox
  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • 0² dissolved

Field of application for our analyser:

  • Air-cooling towers
  • Drinking water
  • Industrial water
  • Food processing industry

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Analysis system

What is an analysis system? An analysis system is a set of equipment making it possible to perform the continuous, reliable measurement of the constituents of a gas or liquid sample.

Our analyser

The advantages of our analyser:

  • Possibility of measuring the free and total chlorine on the same sample
  • Regulator incorporated into the device
  • Low consumption of reagents
  • Self-calibration (zero taken on each measurement)
  • Self-cleaning of the cubicle
  • Programmable frequency of the sampling
  • Tried-and-tested installation in extreme conditions on oil platform, waste water, polluted and coloured water.