Industrial analysis systems

Emission measurements

To meet current standards and guidelines for environmental protection and sustainable development, we offer our expertise in continuous and semi-continuous analysis monitoring systems (AMS), dedicated to emission measurements.

Our services:

  • “Turnkey” installation, in compliance with current standards, guidelines and ministerial decrees (EN NF 14181), of atmospheric emission analysis systems : CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, HCl, HF, H2O, O2, COV, NH3, dust, mercury, dioxins,…as well as flow-meter, pressure, temperature
  • Maintenance contracts suited to our customers’ needs and resources, QAL2 and QAL3 management
  • Installation and maintenance of data acquisition and handling systems (DAHS).

Our fields of expertise:

  • Power generation: thermal power plants (large combustion plants) – Gas Combined Cycle (GCC), urban or industrial heating, biomass
  • Incineration: industrial and waste incineration plants
  • Petrochemicals: refineries, chemical plants, …
  • Other industries: cement, glass, paper,...

Analysis system

What is an analysis system? An analysis system is a set of equipment making it possible to perform the continuous, reliable measurement of the constituents of a gas or liquid sample.