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Moho North Project for Total E&P CONGO


Hyundai Heavy Industries, under contract to TOTAL E&P, has placed an order with Secauto for a set of analysis cabinets for the top side of the FPSO facility. This equipment is used to monitor the offshore emissions as well as the quality of the oil, the natural gas and the reinjection water.

We are also supplying for the first time the metering, the oxygen and hydrocarbon measurements used for monitoring the atmosphere content of the tanks and the ballasts of the new platform’s hull.
Commonly, the top side represents all the crude oil and water processing units. These units are located on the barge.

The barge’s hull is made up of several tanks used to store the oil and ballasts used to ensure a planar level for the platform in all the operating configurations.

Marine standards are applicable for all the equipment supplied.