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Analysers for the ICHTHYS gas project


Within the framework of the Ichthys project*, Secauto will supply all the analysis equipment used to check the quality of the production of hydrocarbons and the quality of the waste and reinjection water.

These 49 analysers will be integrated on chassis, into boxes, into cabinets or in-situ on the floating condensate treatment units. (FPSO)

The major constraint of the project is using electrical equipment in compliance with the IEC EX standards and in accordance with the Australian standards and regulations (AS/NZ 4761).

It is thanks to its proven experience on offshore projects that Secauto managed to clinch this contract.

*The Ichtys project involves the development of two offshore gas drilling fields located 200km off the North-West coast of Australia. After extraction, the gas is then processed on a giant semi-submersible platform before being conveyed by gas pipeline over a distance of over 900km to the liquefaction plant located in Darwin.
The condensates are treated and stored on the FPSO, and then loaded directly into the tankers offshore.
The facilities are located in a cyclone zone. They are designed to operate with cyclones having a periodicity of 200 years.