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Contract renewal for Secauto


EDF renewed its confidence in Secauto by entrusting them with the maintenance of the atmospheric emission analyzers. This contract, initiated in 2003, was won for the 4th consecutive time, for a period of 5 years (3 + 2 renewable).

The objective of this contract is to ensure the availability of the measurements coming from the analyzers, in accordance with the requirements of the various environmental standards. The scope includes the entire fossil-fired power station, namely the TPC (Thermal Production Centre), the Combined Gas Cycle (CGC) and the FT (Fuel Turbine), for a total of 12 sites.

The work and services are carried out by the "Customer Service" teams, field technicians from the various Secauto local offices, who by their professionalism on previous contracts, have contributed greatly to this new contract.

Atmospheric emission analyzers maintenance by Secauto

Atmospheric emission analyzers maintenance by Secauto