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Soyo 2nd phase


Within the framework of the SOYO project, General Electric Belfort has recently awarded Secauto with the contract to carry out the second phase of the cabinets for measuring emissions (CEMs) for the 4 steam turbines to be installed in Angola.

The analysers which measure oxygen, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen will be integrated into 4 shelters.
They make it possible to carry out regulatory emissions measurements on gaseous discharges and to check their conformity with environmental standards.

Secauto will also provide other equipment for regulatory measurements such as dust analysers, Pitot tube flow measuring apparatus as well as pressure and temperature measuring apparatus.

In addition, a data acquisition system will ensure the data management and monitoring, as well as the editing of reports on the discharge emissions intended for the monitoring organizations. A product fully developed by Secauto.

This new project consolidates the recognition of the Secauto’s expertise in the field of emissions measurements.