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SECAUTO strengthens its positions in the environment sector thanks to two incineration orders (Household waste incineration plant)


Secauto is carrying out the system for analysing the fluegas from the incinerator in Annecy, France, for INOVA.

The two furnaces will each be equipped with the following [...]

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Moho North Project for Total E&P CONGO


Hyundai Heavy Industries, under contract to TOTAL E&P, has placed an order with Secauto for a set of analysis cabinets for the top side of the FPSO facility. This equipment is used to monitor the offshore emissions as well as the quality of the oil, the natural gas and the reinjection water.

We are also supplying for the first time the metering, the oxygen and[...]

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Second international conference and exhibition on hydrocarbons in Congo


This event organised by the Ministry of hydrocarbons with the support of several larges international companies will take place from 14th to 16th April 2014.
Secauto will host a conference there on 14th April, on the topic of environmental protection and process [...]

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