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Contract renewal for Secauto


EDF renewed its confidence in Secauto by entrusting them with the maintenance of the atmospheric emission analyzers. This contract, initiated in 2003, was won for the 4th consecutive time, for a period of 5 years (3 + 2 renewable). 

The objective of this contract is to ensure the availability of the measurements coming from the analyzers, in accordance with the requirements of the various environmental standards. The scope includes the entire fossil-fired power station, namely the  [...]

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Ichthys enters the commissioning and start-up phase


The Inpex Ichthys offshore gas project*, for which Secauto successfully bid in 2014, is entering its start-up phase.

Secauto has designed and delivered 57 analysis units for the two floating units which are under construction in shipyards in South Korea. The physico-chemical measuring devices concern the qualitative and quantitative measurement of the fluids from gas and hydrocarbon production processes, the measurement of [...]

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COFRAC Accreditation for Secauto


Secauto, specialized for many years in the maintenance and calibration of atmospheric waste analysis equipment, is involved in the field of waste incineration (industrial or domestic).

Since 1st January 2017, [...]

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